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“Someone hold my drink!” MarineFab Drink Holder Options

We have all been in situations on the boat where there is a lack of cup holders. In some situations, a rod is screaming as line flies out of the spool, and we are left without a designated location to leave our drink. One must choose between their drink and a fish in this instance, and we’d like to think that many of you would choose the fish. 

Drinks spilling on boats are a common occurrence due to the fact that boats are always in motion on the moving water. With that being said, our team at MarineFab USA has a solution for your spilled drinks! Say goodbye to drink casualties on board your boat with these drink holder options.

Dash Caddy

Fit to hold phones, wallets, tablets, iPads, iPhones, cans, bottles, tackle, lures, sunglasses, and more, the Dash Caddy does it all! 

  • Ideal for center console / side console boats
  • Make a cut bait station away from the fillet table
  • Can be mounted anywhere or suction cupped to smooth surfaces
  • Contact for special sizes, colors, engravings, and more
  • Made in the USA out of the highest quality HDPE and stainless steel

Double Cup Holder with a Helm Organizer 

The double cup holder with a helm organizer is great for holding phones, wallets, keys, sunglasses, and miscellaneous things. It also holds two drinks! This drink holder option is smaller than the Dash Caddy, but also provides an area to store miscellaneous items.

The Double Cup Holder with a Helm Organizer can be mounted permanently with screws or with suction cups which gives you the option to move the cup holder as desired. 

Single Cup Holder 

MarineFab USA offers a lightweight and strong cup holder that can withstand UV rays, saltwater, and other outdoor conditions.

The single cup holder is perfect for single bottles and cans, and makes for great use on boats, RVs, docks, bars, kitchens, workshops, and garages.

Stainless Steel Cupholder 

This stainless steel cup holder comes with a drain and is a great replacement for drop in plastic cup holders. Adhesive foam tape under the flange is used to secure the cup holder, no drilling needed. These stainless steel cupholders make for perfect replacements or additional cup holders on any boat. 

Dash Hatch with Cup Holders 

This cupholder setup is made out of King Starboard and provides storage as well as designated locations for two drink holders. 

What ever your drink holder needs on the boat may be, our team at MarineFab USA has solutions fro you. View all of our drink holder products here. 

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